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Cookies Policy


Cookies are small digital signature files that are stored by your web browser that allow your preferences to be recorded when visiting the website.

Also they may be used to track your return visits to the website. No personally identifiable information is stored by Florin Piciorlung LLC.

Please be reassured that the information we gain from the use of cookies is only for our own use and is never passed on to 3rd parties.

You can browse websites with cookies switched off (and/or block third party cookies) by adjusting your web browser settings or preferences, however if you do so then our site may not function properly for you. You can also use your web browser’s settings or preferences to remove your cookies at any time, and some browsers will also have a setting that will enable them to be automatically deleted when you close it.

Only one of our cookies is essential for our site to function properly and is not optional:

  • PHPSESSID is used by our website system to serve the right pages and information to the right visitor.
    t is deleted when you close your browser.

Optional First Party Cookies

Five Google Analytics cookies: (that begin with ‘__utm’) so that we can have access to Google Analytics services. You can read more about Google Analytics on their site here, if you wish to see why we find it so useful. Google stores the analytics data, not us. Google collects information about how you got to our site, and how you moved around it, and further information on the data they collect is available at on their site here. We don’t gain access to personally identifiable information through Google Analytics, it merely provides us with trends and analysis.

Cookies & Showrecind: These cookies let our website remember if you have consented to our optional cookies. Showrescind will be deleted when you close your browser, and Cookies will remain for up to two years so that we don’t keep asking you for permission (although you can clear cookies on your computer yourself).

Optional Third party cookies

Third party cookies are cookies that are not actually set by our website, but are set by other websites via embedded components in our website. As such, while we will obtain your consent prior to setting these cookies, you will need to refer to their own privacy policies for information about their information usage.

Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Disclaimers

Please also check our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Disclaimers.

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