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Immigration Matters

We provide comprehensive advice and assistance regarding any aspect of Immigration Laws and Regulations.

We have a vast experience in citizenship applications (both through the economic citizenship program and the conventional route), applications for immigration permits, permanent residence permits, employment permits and visas.

Our task is to achieve security for those whose future is otherwise uncertain, and to navigate carefully where danger can be avoided.

We are often engaged to find solutions to difficult situations, for instance:

  • Where visa, residence permits or citizenship applications have been refused

  • Where an immigration position needs to be regularized and made legal
  • Where unusual applications need to be made

We advise and assist both individuals and corporate clients through the entire immigration process.

Cypriot Citizenship

  • Acquisition of Cyprus Citizenship by non–Cypriot entrepreneurs/ investors through the “Scheme for Naturalization of Investors in Cyprus by exception"
  • Acquisition of Cyprus Citizenship due to Cypriot origins
  • Acquisition of Cyprus Citizenship as a spouse of a Cypriot Citizen

Permanent Residence

  • Permanent residence permits category F for non-EU citizens under regulation 5(f) of the Aliens and Immigration Regulations
  • Fast–track procedure for granting permanent residence permit for non-EU citizens under regulation 6(2) of the Aliens and Immigration Regulations
  • Permanent residence permits for non-EU citizens residing in Cyprus
  • Permanent residence permits for non-EU citizens and family members of non-EU citizens residing in Cyprus
  • Permanent residence permits for-EU citizens (yellow slip)

Employment Permits

  • Issuance of Entry and Work Permits for non-EU Citizens
  • issuance of Residence and Work Permits for EU Citizens

Other Permits And Visas

  • Issuance of Short Stay Visa
  • Issuance of Student Visa

We act for clients from every continent and culture. They look for sensitivity and effectiveness. Our business has been built up from our reputation with previous clients, not on our advertising. We provide a high quality service, keeping our clients informed of the work that is done for them and the cost incurred. We do not work on 

Legal Aid.

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