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Property Law & Real Estate

We provide legal services to residents, non-residents, individuals or corporations who wish to purchase immovable property in the non-occupied areas of Cyprus and abroad.

We deal with transactions of every level of complexity and we undertake to protect our client’s interests from the moment one decides to purchase property to the successful completion of the property transaction. From drafting solid and tailor made contracts according to the client’s demands to dealing with all matters that may arise, whether it is exchanging foreign currencies at a favorable rate or depositing one’s contracts at the Land Registry Office, we are always at our clients’ disposal until the title deeds are transferred into their names. 

With experience on both the transactional and litigation sides of real property law, our lawyers are better equipped to assist clients with negotiating and drafting transactional documents that help them avoid future litigation when possible. When litigation is unavoidable, our lawyers are also able to effectively devise litigation and settlement strategies that account for the business realities of real property deals.

Our real property practice, which has unique insight when handling matters involving issues such as zoning, eminent domain, and environmental regulations, is capable of handling a wide variety of real property matters, including:

  • Structuring Commercial Real Estate Transactions
  • Contract Review and Analysis
  • Title Examination and Review
  • Preparation of Conveyances, Easements, and Other Encumbrances
  • Preparation of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) for Planned Development Projects
  • Quiet Title and Eminent Domain Suits and Proceedings
  • Analysis and Procurement of Entitlements for Real Property
  • Construction Law

Our lawyers frequently deal with banks, lenders and insurance companies and are well versed in the procedures required in order to make a closing come to a 

successful completion.

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