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Our Publications

The Cyprus Private Limited Liability Company

Legal and Regulatory Framework                                                             27 pages

The Cyprus International Trust

Legal and Regulatory Framework                                                             24 pages

The Cyprus Investment Firm

Legal and Regulatory Framework                                                             27 pages

The Cyprus Legal Framework for Alternative Investment Funds

Legal and Regulatory Framework                                                             27 pages

The Cyprus Legal Framework for Alternative Investment Fund Managers

Legal and Regulatory Framework                                                             25 pages

The Cyprus Tax System

Legal and Regulatory Framework/Taxation in Cyprus                               25 pages

International Tax Planning using Cyprus Legal Entities

Legal and Regulatory Framework/International Tax Planning                   26 pages

The Cyprus Legal Framework for UCITS

Legal and Regulatory Framework                                                             25 pages

The "Substance over Form"/"Economic Reality" Requirement in International Tax Planning

Legal and Regulatory Framework                                                             30 pages

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