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Corporate Restructurings

We provide our clients with a wide range of services aimed at maximizing financial performance of their businesses, improving recoveries and resolving structural or financing issues.

These services include, without limitation, comprehensive advice and assistance with workouts, bankruptcy planning, negotiations, litigation and distressed asset acquisitions, as well as a wide range of complex investigative, rescue and turnaround assignments focusing on business regeneration, corporate recovery and financial restructuring services, serving all the needs of troubled businesses, as well as protecting clients dealing with businesses in a similar situation.

Areas of expertise in corporate and financial restructurings include, without limitation:

• Current-state analysis (cash-flow analysis, liquidity analysis, etc,,,)
• Financial planning support
• Review of existing debt and equity restructuring plans
• Advice and assistance, as it relates to the preparation of new and/or revised debt and equity restructuring plans
• Support in execution of debt and equity restructuring plans/ monitoring
• Comprehensive transactional support, including, without limitation:
   - Assistance with financial restructuring and re-financing
   - Identification of key issues
   - Negotiation assistance, in particular as regards negotiation and re-negotiation financing and re-financing
   arrangements with banks and other financial institutions
   - Advice and assistance, as it relates to the preparation of financial and business plans
   - Advice and assistance, as it relates to the preparation of contractual documentation (finance and loan
   agreements, etc…◦Post-closing assistance
• Stakeholder negotiation support
• Advice and assistance, as it relates to multi-jurisdictional insolvency and bankruptcy matters

In each matter, our objective is to apply our talent and experience, both elements of sound advice in a financial crisis, to help our clients develop creative business solutions that create, preserve and distribute value.

By utilizing our global resources and a multidisciplinary approach, our clients benefit from our significant experience in debtor financial restructuring and bankruptcy as well as the experience of our Corporate, Finance, Real Estate, Securities, Litigation & Arbitration, Intellectual Property and Tax Practice.

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