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E-Commerce Law

E-commerce is a developing and ever-changing area of law and our team of qualified professionals provides flexible and practical solutions which adapt to this continuously evolving field of law.

We have been involved in this rapidly evolving sector from its inception, advising a vast number of internet start-ups. We advise clients on M&A and routes to funding, regulatory issues and consumer protection, international data privacy, platforms and content delivery. Our proficiency stems from the breadth of our technical knowledge combined with an approach which embraces the unique challenges that this area of business present.

We are able to assist your business with the following elements of e-commerce business:

  • E-commerce transactional agreements, for example software development agreements,
  • marketing agreements, website development agreements, internet service provider agreements etc...
  • Internet service provider terms and conditions
  • Online advertising
  • Software licensing
  • Intellectual property issues specific to e-commerce
  • Jurisdictional issues
  • Competition
  • Electronic signatures
  • Advice relating to websites
  • Web hosting
  • Data protection, privacy and security

We are fully immersed in the internet and e-commerce world, working with leading global organisations, fast-growth start-ups and challenger businesses. Providing a full service proposition, we are able to offer a rounded approach across the complete business lifecycle, from fundraising and providing legal and regulatory advice to the commercial issues around technology integration and advice on HR, property and real estate. Our specialty is based on our deeper industry knowledge and expertise.

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