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 Cyprus Company: Proceed with Registration

In order to proceed with the registration of your Cyprus company, please fill in and submit the below Application Form and we will contact you shortly to make the necessary arrangements for setting up your company in Cyprus.


(Please complete and click in the appropriate places - fields marked with an * are mandatory)

Any information disclosed on the below form is exclusively for internal use within Florin Piciorlung LLC and will not be passed to any third party without your prior consent. Please consult our Privacy Policy.

Your Given Name*

Your Surname*

Your E-mail Address*

Your Address*

Your Telephone*

Proposed Company Name 1*

Proposed Company Name 2*

Proposed Company Name 3*

What will the Company be doing/objects of the Company?*

What is the expected Annual Turnover of the Company?*

In which Geographical Area are the Target Markets of the Company located?*

What is the Source/Origin of the Funds that will be Invested in the Company/used as Working Capital of the Company?*

Do you wish to use Nominee Directors?*

Given Name of Director 1

Surname of Director 1

Address of Director 1

Occupation of Director 1

Date of Birth of Director 1

Nationality of Director 1

Given Name of Director 2

Surname of Director 2

Address of Director 2

Occupation of Director 2

Date of Birth of Director 2

Nationality of Director 2

Do you wish to use Nominee Shareholders?*

Given Name of Shareholder 1

Surname of Shareholder 1

Address of Shareholder 1

Occupation of Shareholder 1

Date of Birth of Shareholder 1

Nationality of Shareholder 1

Given Name of Shareholder 2

Surname of Shareholder 2

Address of Shareholder 2

Occupation of Shareholder 2

Date of Birth of Shareholder 2

Nationality of Shareholder 2

Given Name of Beneficial Owner

Surname of Beneficial Owner

Address of Beneficial Owner

Telephone of Beneficial Owner

E-mail address of Beneficial Owner

Occupation of Beneficial Owner

Date of Birth of Beneficial Owner

Nationality of Beneficial Owner

Do you wish to use our Registered Office Service*

Registered Office (full Address) of the Company

If nominee directors are required and you wish to have a limited Power of Attorney, please specify the purpose below:

To whom should the Invoice be addressed (Name & Address)?*

If the billing address is in the European Union, VAT will be charged unless you advise us of your VAT Number below:

Address to which we should forward all correspondence regarding the Company (Name, Address, Telephone Number and E-mail, if available):*

How did you hear of our company?

Anti-Money-laundering and Prevention of Terrorist Financing (AML and KYC) Requirements*


Accuracy and correctness of Information provided:*

Other Relevant Information, Comments and.or Questions

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please remember that in order to be able to proceed with your Company;s registration, each Director, Shareholder and/or Beneficial Owner should supply us with a certified copy of his/her passport, a letter of reference from a professional such as a lawyer, accountant or banker and a certified copy of a recent utility bill or bank statement (not more than 3 months old) confirming his/her residential address. 

Unless and until we receive the above-mentioned documents, we will not be able to proceed with the registration/incorporation of your company!

Questions or comments? - Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Our aim is to establish a long-term relationship with our clients and associates; therefore, we offer our registration and consultancy services at highly competitive rates. 

Click on the number symbol on the left to find out about the Registration Requirements for your Cyprus Company

The requirements to proceed with the incorporation/registration of a Cyprus Company are relatively simple and straightforward.

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Cyprus is a leading financial center with one of the lowest tax rates among European Union countries, enjoying an extensive double tax treaty network, offering excellent professional services and a stable and transparent regulatory environment for your business set-up.

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