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Raising Capital (Debt & Equity)

Through our international network of specialized consultants in the worldwide investment banking and private equity community, we are able to provide our clients with a wide range of services around securing funding via debt and equity finance, both privately and via the public markets, including without limitation, assistance with the preparation of business plans, enterprise planning systems, financial modelling and risk analysis and management (including PEST and SWOT analyses) and, providing our clients access to capital markets.

We have represented investors, sponsors, and managers of public and private pension plans, broker-dealers, investment advisers, custodians, and other financial industry service providers throughout the entire range of the investment spectrum.  

We are focused on public and private debt, equity, and other alternative investments and investment vehicles, both public and private, and related investment transactions.

Areas of expertise in corporate and financial restructurings include, inter alia:

  • Providing advice and assistance in determining short and long term financing needs

  • Advice on capital structures
  • Advice and assistance, as it relates to the creation and preparation of author Executive Memoranda and/or Private Placement Memoranda, including pro forma financials and capitalization tables
  • Advice and assistance, as it relates to the preparation of investor presentations
  • Advice and assistance, as it relates to the identification and contact potential of capital providers, including, without limitation, venture capitalists, private equity, hedge funds, investment banks, commercial lenders and insurance companies
  • Assistance with the organization, setting up and management of meetings with investors
  • Advice and assistance, as it relates to the preparation of investor presentations
  • Advice and assistance, as it relates to the funding stage
  • Assistance with evaluating and providing advice as it relates to financing offers and terms
  • Advice and assistance, as it relates to due diligence preparations and investigations
  • Advice and assistance, as it relates to the preparation of contractual documentation (including, without limitation, equity investment and shareholder agreements, senior debt and sub-ordinated loan agreements, mezzanine financing agreements, etc…)
  • On-going advice and assistance, as it relates to additional funding needs and growth planning
  • Advice and assistance, as it relates to the management of continued relationships, representing the company and assisting in the possible sale or divestitures

Our international network of specialized advisers has experience in positioning equity, mezzanine financing and senior and subordinated debt. We customize solutions for our clients to minimize dilution and optimize their capital structure. Depending on the circumstances, the proposed solutions may potentially involve a hybrid of debt and equity.

We bring a sophisticated and efficient approach to structuring on- and off-shore investment vehicles, management entities, and investment transactions.

The breadth and depth of our practice provides us with a comprehensive understanding of markets, trends, and issues, positions us as integral members of your team, and enables us to work collaboratively to achieve our clients' objectives.

As we are an independent advisory firm, we act only as an adviser or agent, not as a principal or merchant banker, we do not have the inherent conflicts of interest that may arise at other larger institutions. 

Whether presenting to our clients’ senior company management or Board of Directors, our advice is always independent, impartial and objective and is exclusively aimed at delivering optimal value for our clients.

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